Terms of service

Re-centre service contract terms

At Re-centre, our specialists and clinical team do their best to ensure they see you at defined appointment, telephone, e-consult or meeting times. Delays do sometimes arise, but we will do our best to ensure you do not have to wait, or do not wait for long.

To keep delays to a minimum, please prepare and arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment, e-consult, or course meeting time.

If you are not present when your appointment, e-consult or meeting is scheduled to start, we can cancel your appointment, e-consult or meeting and do not have to provide services to you. We can charge you a cancellation fee.

Re-centre clinicians are not obliged to provide any service or treatment if we determine it is not in your medical or mental health interest.

Once you accept Re-centre specialists and clinicians will provide you services, you agree to pay us the fees.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to invoice you for fees. You agree to pay any invoice we issue to you within 14 days after receipt.

Changing or cancelling your appointment 

If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, e-consult or meeting, please let Re-centre know as early as possible so we may allocate your appointment to another person. This will help us meet our aim of providing our patients with timely and efficient services.

Cancellations within 48-24h of the agreed appointment, e-consult or meeting will be billed as a half-appointment fee.

Cancellations within 24h of the agreed appointment, e-consult or meeting, or non-attendance will be billed as a full appointment fee.

Cancellation of or non-attendance at an agreed day session component of a Re-centre Course or Workshop will be billed as a full day-session, and cannot be changed to, or made up at a different time.

Information provided by you 

You agree that all information (including your medical history) provided by you with respect to your referral and in connection with the services is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. 


Both parties agree to keep confidential, and not to use or disclose, any confidential information of the other party that is given to or received by that party either before or after entering into this agreement. 

This confidentiality obligation does not apply to the extent that the confidential information is required to be disclosed by applicable law, or under compulsion of law by a court or government agency, or is in the public domain otherwise as a result of a breach of this agreement or other obligation of confidence. 

E-consult – security of your personal data

Re-centre is committed to protecting the personal data you share with us. We utilise a combination of industry-standard technologies and measures to help protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure.

Re-centre undertakes to maintain the accepted national standards of security in internet connection and data recording. Individuals who participate in e-consults with our specialists require a personal, secure device such as an iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, with a microphone and camera, to access this service. A secure internet connection is also necessary for your own personal data protection.