Dr Dennisa Davidson

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dennisa has expertise in the management of stress and stress related issues that begin in childhood.

If you or your child suffer from symptoms such as emotional distress, urges to self-harm, mood changes, anxiety, panic attacks, spacing out, nightmares, flashbacks, re-living experiences, inability to tolerate certain sounds or touch or ‘behavioural challenges’ it may be from stressful past and sometimes ongoing life experiences.

Dennisa’s passion is to help you heal, find hope and joy in living your life to your best.

Dr Davidson’s approach to child and adolescent care

The practical problems children and adolescents often face with childhood stress (also sometimes called ‘Developmental Trauma’ or ‘Toxic Stress’) can be wide ranging from decreased performance at school, problems with peers, problems in the family system, swinging emotions, problems with eating, bed wetting, soiling or other physical symptoms. Some people can hear voices though these may not be due to psychosis. Often a certain diagnosis is made but does not seem to ‘fit’ and therapies can be difficult to engage with. It is not uncommon for these young people to go on to trial alcohol or drugs.

If this speaks to you or to someone you love and look after, then a closer look into this may help. If the suffering is from childhood stress, there is possibility for healing. Dennisa’s passion is to help you break through the cycle and find hope, working alongside you and the team at Re-Centre.

She uses the principles of ‘Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics’ (NMT) in her approach and does an NMT ‘Brain Map’ to guide therapeutic planning when needed. She will take you through a tailored approach using your and your child’s strengths, to begin the process of healing. Her prescribing is tailored to dampening the stress response system, which is usually dysregulated in these situations.

In older children, adolescents and youth, she is passionate about using an actively motivational approach to help them visualise and create a different future for themselves – to find a Dream and then set on the path to achieve it.

Dennisa is a Christian Psychiatrist and understands the importance of wholesome health in which spiritual health plays a role but may sometimes be difficult to talk about. Whether it is to explore spiritual concepts to build resilience or about disappointments and hurts from spiritual or religious experiences, Dennisa is available to help walk you through it, whatever your age or stage in life.


MBBS, FRANZCP, Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Appointments and referrals:

Please call us on +64 9 884 8350 to book an appointment with Dr Davidson, or seek a specific referral to her through your GP.

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