Dr Zelda Strydom

Medical Doctor

Zelda graduated from medical school in South Africa, before moving to the UK in 1999, where she worked extensively in psychiatric settings, including prison mental health, before realising that addiction medicine was her passion. In the UK she had the privilege of learning from well-respected experts in the field, working in very unique settings such as services for the homeless and injectable opioid treatment clinics.

She moved to NZ in 2012, joining CADS Auckland, where she was later appointed as the lead clinician for the Opioid Treatment service. She then held this role in the Bay of Plenty for the last two years, but has now moved back to Auckland to join the Re-centre team.
Zelda believes recovery needs to be at the heart of all addiction treatment, and is passionate in supporting people with a wide variety of substance and behavioural addictions to achieve their recovery goals. This includes assessment and treatment of any mental health challenges they might experience alongside. She is also available to offer assessment to patients with chronic pain on managing their opioid use.

Over the years Zelda has also come to realise that insomnia is a significant health burden affecting a large number of people, and she is keen to provide a solution for those suffering with this debilitating condition.

Zelda is the facilitator of a range of groups and workshops here at Re-centre, all aimed at supporting people to live their best life, ranging from addiction recovery to insomnia workshops.


MBChB 1997

Appointments and referrals:

Please call us on +64 9 884 8350 to book an appointment with Dr Strydom, or seek a specific referral to her through your GP.

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