We welcome referrals from general practitioners, medical and psychological co-specialists and other care professionals.

At Re-centre, we provide private expert psychiatric and psychological services (assessment, diagnostic, care and management) to people of all ages.

Please note: We can not provide crisis or emergency services.

If your patient is in an acute crisis, please contact local emergency services or the community mental health service in your area.

Private health insurance

In partnership with NIB, we are the only private mental health clinic in Auckland that can provide extensive mental health care for your patients under their additional coverage within their NIB insurance plan. Eligibility criteria applies.

We are a NIB First Choice Provider, and an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society for selected services.

We also deal with all health insurance providers and their members for the assessment and funding of treatments.

Please inquire with your insurance provider around their funding of our services, and advise our reception when making your booking.

Our specialists are contracted by ACC to deliver services in individual cases – please discuss appropriateness of a referral with your ACC case manager.

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