CME educational events

Our CME sessions are presented by specialist psychiatrists and psychologists who are experts in their fields.

They highlight advances in technologies, treatments and procedures that impact primary care.

Sessions are formatted to enable GPs an opportunity to meet our specialists, receive expert feedback and discuss topics in an interactive environment.

For further information or to register for any of our seminars please do contact us:

+64 9 884 8350

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Our up-coming Events:

Understanding Burnout Workshop – Webinar – SPACES FULL.

Tuesday 28 September 10.00 am – 10.30 am

Presented by Dr Zelda Strydom (Medical Doctor)

Our Understanding Burnout workshop offers you an understanding of what burnout is, and how it differs from stress. You will learn how to identify factors that contribute to development of burnout, and when you or someone around you may be at risk.

As we are currently in level 4 lockdown, we anticipate it is highly unlikely we will be able to continue with the planned burnout workshop for mental health awareness week.

In anticipation, we are planning a 30min webinar instead. This webinar will still be on burnout, but the content will be different. The webinar will discuss what burnout is, the causes and how to identify burnout in ourselves and those we employ. The webinar will also discuss how it differs from depression and stress. 

Limited spaces available. If you would still like to attend the workshop at a later stage when we are able to meet again, we would gladly offer this to you at a 50% discount to those registered for the free workshop.

This is a webinar hosted through Microsoft Teams. The session is recorded. A link to the live webinar will be shared with reminders.

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