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Re-centre welcomes referrals from General Practitioners, medical and psychological co-specialists, attending legal representatives and other care professionals, for expert psychiatric and psychological services (assessment, diagnostic and medico-legal reporting, care and management) to independently-funded people of all ages.

Please note: Re-centre can not provide crisis or emergency services.

If your patient is in an acute crisis, please contact local emergency services or the community mental health service in your area.

To refer a patient to Re-centre:

Option 1:

E-refer to Re-centre or individual specialists via HealthLink or Specialists & Referrals.

See profiles of our specialists.

Option 2:

Contact us on our GP Hotline: 0800 854 905. For prompt response to enquiries, our clinical staff are available during work hours to talk with General Practitioners and Healthcare Professionals directly.

Call Re-centre 09 884 8350 to discuss suitability and commence a referral.

Option 3:

Fax a referral on 09 282 4872 or email You can download our referral form here.

Option 4:

Complete a referral enquiry below and a Re-centre representative will respond the next business day.

Referral enquiry

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