Older Adult Services

One of the few certainties in life is getting older, we face many complex challenges and anyone aged over 65 is more likely to experience physical health concerns, the challenges of our family living far away, and the loss of close friends. With these transitions occurring, it can be difficult to manage staying well mentally and these issues tend to occur around the same time which will further impact your ability to remain resilient and maintain independence.

Our specialist psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and nurses are experts in mental health care among older adults, along with our understanding of aging, healthcare services and various institutions, we are committed to collaboratively supporting your well-being.

What can our specialists help with?

  • Specialised assessments related to aging & cognitive changes
  • Dementia and memory problems
  • Anxiety and distress
  • Depression and mood fluctuation
  • Trouble Socialising
  • Sleep routines
  • Experiences of illness, trauma, abuse, grief or loss
  • Substance dependency
  • Unhealthy compulsive behaviour

What causes mental health problems for older adults?

Everyone has a different experience with mental health issues and there are many approaches for help and recovery. The three main factors of mental health problems can be explored below – It’s not uncommon for these factors to intersect, especially for older adults who have experienced more of life.

  • Biological factors – genetic vulnerabilities, resilience and temperament, experience of injury and illness, substance use, environmental issues.
  • Psychological factors – upbringing, life stresses, trauma, grief, loss.
  • Social factors – relationship transitions, personal confidence, bullying, marital/family issues, financial freedom, cultural restrictions.

How Re-centre can help

An initial consultation with one of our specialist psychiatrists is a great place to start. During the first session we will help to explore any issues and offer some advice on how to move forward. Family or carers are welcomed along to offer extra support.

Our collaborative approach allows you to decide what works best for you through our range of assessments, psychological therapies, treatment recommendations, and we can also discuss medication options.

Your physical health and behaviour are important components in the exploration of mental health, and we may involve your GP and other specialists.

After an initial consultation with a specialist, we can offer:

  • Courses for anxiety or depression
  • 1:1 personal therapy
  • Family support

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