Complementary support

At Re-centre, we embrace modern holistic health concepts and multi-dimensional approaches to healthcare. In this respect, we offer a range of options to complement our broad psychological therapy modalities and comprehensive psychiatric medical care.

Typically, these form part of any of the Shared Courses of therapy. Please discuss with your dedicated specialist whether this could complement your treatment.

What do we offer?

Discover physical relaxation in breathing and meditation techniques of yoga, while increasing flexibility and calmness.

Mindfulness practice
Discover how to achieve a calm, in the ‘present moment’ state of mind. Mindfulness uses meditation practices.

Art therapy
A creative class using art as therapeutic expression and psychological therapy.

Sensory modulation
A therapeutic approach supporting people to use all their senses to promote mind health. This class will assist individuals to develop their own sensory tool kit.

Exercise classes
A physical class to encourage people to become active. Improved physical activity enhances energy and treats symptoms of depression.

These physical and behavioural therapies are all facilitated at Re-centre in groups, by a trained instructor.