Re-juvenate: Your Sleep

About the workshop

As a participant in our Re-juvenate: Your Sleep workshop, you will be provided with proven effective strategies to implement and start treating your own insomnia.

Facilitated by Dr Zelda Strydom, Re-juvenate: Your Sleep is an expert-led two-hour workshop which is packed with tips and strategies to start practicing tonight to start off your journey to better sleep, and is aimed at those suffering with chronic insomnia.

This workshop is an introduction to some of the strategies that will be taught in our structured eight-week CBT-i course, a proven effective treatment method for chronic insomnia.

Re-juvenate: Your Sleep is a two-hour workshop held on Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost of the workshop is $100 which is inclusive of GST.

Workshop details


The Re-juvenate your sleep workshop covers the following key content area:

  • Facts around sleep, and understanding the
    two-process model of sleep
  • Explore why we need sleep, and what happens when we don’t get enough of it
  • Explore how much sleep we actually need
  • Explore a range of tips and strategies to promote better sleep

You will develop a better understanding of human sleep, and the body mechanisms regulating sleep.

You will be able to understand how multiple factors at play in your daily life can impact on your sleep, and leave with a range of strategies to implement to rejuvenate your sleep.

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