Re-think: Your Anxiety

Course at a glance

This weekly course shares mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)-based techniques to people experiencing anxiety and stress.

About the programme

Facilitated by our clinical psychologists, Re-think Your Anxiety is an expert-led programme consisting of eight half-day sessions.

A commitment to confidentiality and emotional security among participants underpins this course, and an inspirational framework of ‘knowing one’s self a little better each day’.

As a participant you may openly reflect on your experiences as you feel comfortable and practice skills to manage stress and anxiety.

A mixture of inquiry and skill based approaches from CBT, mindfulness and psycho-education are utilised alongside practical relaxation exercises and wellness techniques.

Programme details


The Re-think: Your Anxiety programme covers the following key content areas.

  • Facts around anxiety and stress, the causes and mechanisms, signs and symptoms
  • Recognising and reflecting on experience of panic, with responsive mindfulness
  • CBT-informed skills, recognising the links between thoughts and feelings
  • Appreciation of reactive behaviours in self-care and treatment
  • Exploring the communication of feelings and needs, and broader self-managing of anxiety and stress.

You will have the opportunity to learn, explore and practice an array of techniques, finding your own personal skill set to reduce anxiety and stress.

As a participant you may then create a self-care strategy using personalised skills, maintaining emotional wellness into the future.

Utilising a series of self-rated inquiries via Mentegram web and mobile applications, your may come to better understand your anxiety and stress symptoms, nurture your responses and enhance your process.

  • Session 1: What is anxiety? ​
  • Session 2: Managing panic​
  • Session 3: Unhelpful thinking
  • Session 4: Challenging thoughts​
  • Session 5: Avoidance and safety behaviours​
  • Session 6: Communication and interpersonal skills​
  • Session 7: Fostering resilience​
  • Session 8: Medication workshop​

Half-day session timetable

  • 12.15pm – Sign in
  • 12.30pm – 2.00pm Emotional education and inquiry skills
  • 2.00pm – 3.00pm Easy Flow Yoga – suitable for all levels of health and fitness

Yoga equipment and mats are provided.


Half-day eight week programme $2,000.00

Costs are GST inclusive. Payment must be made in full prior to secure registration.

Auckland NIB members criteria

NIB and Re-centre have partnered to expand funding limits for Auckland members. Members may be able to access their Specialist Cover Limit to cover the cost of this programme.

To Register

Please express your interest to attend the group of interest through the online form or by phoning us on +64 9 884 8350

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