What is Re-centre?

Re-centre is a private psychiatric and psychological health care service. Re-centre offers high-quality assessment and treatment to people experiencing emotional problems, and persisting mental disorders. With our modern facilities and innovative tools, Re-centre’s leading specialist clinicians provide compassionate and expert interventions.

You can read more about Re-centre on our About us page.

We are a collaborative group of specialist psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists and registered nurses. We have expertise in assessment and treatment and a broad range of skills and varied disciplines.

Meet our Specialists. 

We provide a wide range of mental healthcare services. Every person is different and therefore your treatment plan will be personalised to your needs.

When you are referred, an initial consultation with a specialist is arranged. This assessment involves understanding the individual’s (and their approved carers’) needs and wishes, before a range of therapeutic recommendations are made.

A therapeutic relationship continues towards the individual’s recovery, with the support of the patient’s General Practitioner and our specialists.

As well as 1:1 personal therapy and treatment, at Re-centre we also offer a range of group courses and workshops to people where this suits their needs and wishes.

For more information, please see How we help. 

You can either refer yourself or ask for a referral from your General Practitioner.

You are welcome to call us to discuss the referral process.

For GPs and referring specialists we have more information on our For referrers page. 

Re-centre is a private healthcare service. Fees vary depending on your point of assessment or course of treatment.

Our specialists may be affiliated with service funders so please talk to your GP or Re-centre about payment support.

To find out more, please see Our pricing page. 

Engaging in an e-consult assessment, treatment plan, personal therapy or e-course with a Re-centre specialist is an opportunity to explore feelings, clarify experiences, understand behaviours and gain skills in a secure and professional environment.

In order to make this experience most meaningful to you please take the time to familiarise yourself with the following tips and guides when it comes to e-Consults here.