e-Consult & e-Course guide

Engaging in an e-consult assessment, treatment plan, personal therapy or e-course with a Re-centre specialist is an opportunity to explore feelings, clarify experiences, understand behaviours and gain skills in a secure and professional environment.

In order to make this experience most meaningful to you please take the time to familiarise yourself with the following tips and guides when it comes to e-Consults and e-Courses. 

Before the e-Consult or e-Course 

  • Inform others e.g. family members or roommates that you will be in-session to ensure that you are not disturbed for the duration of the session. 
  • Allow sufficient time to “set up”, 5-10 minutes prior to the schedule time as this will allow you to get settled and not feel frazzled. Use this time to check that your internet connection, speakers, video and volume is working correctly.  
  • Find a space that is quiet and free from distractions. This will ensure that you are protecting your own confidentiality. It is sometimes helpful to wear headphones as this aid in focussing on the conversation/session rather than what is happening around you. 
  • Make sure you are comfortable. It is recommended that you do not sit or lie on a bed, rather sit at a desk, table or on a couch. 
  • If possible, place your device (laptop/PC/tablet/mobile phone) on a firm surface as this will keep the camera still and allow for less pixilation.  
  • Do not position yourself in front of a window as the backlight will make it difficult for the video call attendees to see you. Avoid busy backgrounds. 
  • Switch off the TV or radio and make sure you close all or log out of any active windows such as email and social media that sends notifications. 
  • If you are not using your mobile phone to attend the e-Consult or e-Course make sure it is on mute. 
  • Remember to have a snack or go to the restroom prior to the session. 
  • It is always helpful to have a glass of water nearby and maybe tissues as well. 

During the e-Course 

  • When attending an e-Course remember to mute your mic when you are not speaking. This also helps to avoid background noises or distractions for others. 
  • When you need to attend to a distraction e.g. the dog walks into the room, while in a session it is recommended that you mute your video. 
  • If you want to speak or ask a question unmute your mic and state your name followed by question. The facilitator will indicate to you when to speak. It can also be helpful to use the “Chat” feature to ask a question or the get the presenters attention. 
  • Be respectful of all attendees. Keep contributions helpful and considerate of the facilitators and other attendees. 
  • Rule of thumb: “If you wouldn’t do it in-person, don’t do it in an e-Consult or e-Course. 

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