We have partnered with nib to provide Auckland nib insured members with private mental health care.

Meaning if you are nib insured, then you could have access to $3,000 – $5,000 of additional cover to use on mental wellbeing services with us.

Auckland nib insured members are covered at Re-centre for the following areas:

  • 1:1 Personal Therapy with our specialist psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and nurse specialists.

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy – an effective and non-invasive procedure known to improve symptoms of depression and other disorders for many sufferers.

  • Group Workshops and Courses – our expert -led group therapy programmes which cover many topics.

*Eligibility criteria may apply

How can Auckland nib-insured members receive this specialist cover limit at Re-centre?

To utilise your nib additional cover with Re-centre, a GP referral is required, you can check your nib policy to see if you’re covered by either contacting nib or accessing your nib Online Portal.

We welcome referrals via email referrals@recentre.co.nz, phone – 09 884 8350 or 0800 854 905, and also via Specialists Referrals and Healthlink.

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