Child & Adolescent Comprehensive Child Assessment

Re-centre’s Child Comprehensive Assessment pathway is for parents who would like a broad and comprehensive assessment to incorporate ADHD, cognitive functioning (including exploring possible Intellectual Disability), Autism Spectrum (ASD/C), mental health and other things that might influence and contribute to any concerns such as trauma, learnt behaviour and family relations.

Whilst the ADHD assessment and ASD/C assessments are detailed and comprehensive, this assessment pathway is the most comprehensive as it always includes a brief cognitive assessment. Sometimes parents might start on the ADHD pathway and through discussion then go onto the ASD/C or the child comprehensive assessment pathway if a more assessment is required (the ASD/C pathway chosen if there is strong suspicion of ASD/C).

The assessment includes:

  • Group discussion with child and the parents/carers
  • Direct assessment of the child using e.g. cognitive assessment, interview and play based assessment
  • Separate in-depth interview with the parents/carers
  • Questionnaires
  • if required and when agreed short discussion with other professionals involved e.g. teachers

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