Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment

When you come for an assessment of your mental health with one of our clinicians, expect this appointment to last at least 60 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to share your story with the clinician, and the clinician will in turn ask you a series of questions to further explore how best to help you.

The clinician might ask about your personal history, including your work history, marital history, family history and what supports you have at home now. They may want to know about traumatic events you might have experienced, past relationships, about your childhood, and if you need help with any issues with alcohol or drugs. 

At the end of the assessment the clinician will discuss with you their thoughts on diagnosis. You might be asked to do some questionnaires, and you might even be asked to do some diagnostic blood tests.

You and the clinician will then discuss available treatment options to you, and together you will agree on a treatment plan uniquely suited to your needs. This treatment plan might include medication, 1:1 therapy with a psychologist or a suggestion that you might benefit from attending one of the workshops and courses available at Re-centre.

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