Needle Anxiety Webinar

Needle Anxiety Webinar – At a glance

Webinar length: Three one-hour webinars
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Facilitated by: Our Re-centre Clinicians

The Needle Anxiety Webinar consists of three one-hour long webinars focusing on what needle anxiety is, how and why people have this experience, strategies to help manage extreme distress in response to needles, and supporting people to develop their own personalised graded exposure plan to support them in feeling more confident around medical interventions as they go forward.

Session One
In session one participants learn about what needle anxiety is, how this experience may have developed and how it may be unintentionally maintained, and strategies for managing physiological reactions to needles including fainting.

Session Two
In session two participants learn about the role that avoidance and safety behaviours play in ongoing anxiety, and how graded exposure works as an effective intervention in reducing anxiety and increasing confidence in people’s ability to navigate anxious situations. They will create personalised graded exposure plans and steps to start implementing them.

Session Three
In session three participants will review their exposure goals and problem solve around any difficulties they experienced. They will learn about unhelpful thinking patterns and how to challenge these when they interfere with progress. Mindfulness strategies will also be taught with a focus on attentional training.


We offer this service to individuals and in groups to organisations.
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Needle Anxiety Webinar

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